PFTF Sponsored/Co-Sponsored Habitat Projects (Open to Public Hunting)

We are always looking for ways to help landowners develop and improve suitable habitat for pheasants and wildlife that is accessible to public hunting. We assist landowners with cost-sharing programs to plant trees and food plots. The following is a list of our sponsored/co-sponsored Habitat projects:
1. 55 acre grass seeding – PLOTS
Mike Mitzel
Towner ND/Hwy 2 east, north at mile marker 176 5 miles, east 1/8 mile at first house
2. 3 row shrub planting - PLOTS
Robin Funke
Surrey ND/Hwy 2 east, north on Deering Rd 1 mile, east of gravel pit
3. 12 row shrub planting - PLOTS
Larry Schatz
Bergen ND/Hwy 52 E, as you enter Bergen go N on Township road ¼ mile, east ½ mile
4. 480 acres - PLOTS
Scott & Marrietta Lester
Makoti ND/SW ¼ 3-152-87,SE ¼ 4-152-87,NW ¼ 10-152-87
5. Danielson Waterfowl Production Area (PFTF paid for chemical application to eliminate weeds;
purchased seed to restore native grasses)
6. Mallard Island (5 yr agreement starting in 1992 to improve habitat - $1,500 each year in coop agreement with G&F)
Rush Lake
7. 180 acres of CRP/tree planting
Troy Bertsch
Strawberry Lake
8. 112 acres
Eugene Gibson
Plaza – Highway 23/Ward County line
9. 5 acre tree planting
Jay Christianson
6 miles east of Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge
10. Tree Planting
Leonard Porter
South of Wildrose
11. Cost Share on grass seed drill
Mountrail Co
Mountrail County Soil Conservation
12. 300 acre PFTF Youth Hunting Area
Doug Stevik
Berthold - Junction of County Rd 9 and 14
13. 160 acre Youth Hunting Area
Dan Jaeger
Balfour – SE ¼ 5-151-77
14. 320 acres (native grass seeding, food plot tree-row plantings) - PLOTS & WRP
Paul & Phil Brandvold
14 miles west of South Prairie School off Hwy 83 S
15. 320 acres CRP/Food Plot (PLOTS)
Dave Kimball
Ryder - E 1/2 25-151-87

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