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Wildlife Improvement Habitat Project
More evidence of the good our club does can be found at the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge where we are helping to restore 44 acres of degraded dense nesting cover (DNC) into a 28 species native plant community surrounding the new visitor's center. Four wetland basins located in the tract will be restored to obtain their appearance prior to human disturbance. The proximity of the restoration site to the office/visitor center will also provide the opportunity to use the native seeding to educate youth and adults on the grassland/wetland restoration process and the importance of native grassland communities to wildlife and the environment. A dedication ceremony picture is below.
PFTF Sponsored/Co-Sponsored Habitat Projects (Open to Public Hunting)
We are always looking for ways to help landowners develop and improve suitable habitat for pheasants and wildlife that is accessible to public hunting. We assist landowners with cost-sharing programs to plant trees and food plots. Click to view a list of our sponsored/co-sponsored Habitat projects.
Pheasant Release Program
Members raise several hundred chicks each spring and release these birds on public hunting lands including the Youth Hunting Area.
Winter Feed Program
Pheasants for the Future, Inc. provides feed for members to distribute to help pheasants survive through the long winter months. This feed is a combination of wheat and barley screenings, lentils, peas, corn, and sunflowers, and is provided to members at cost. We also provide feed barrels free of charge (when available) to help disburse the feed.
Youth Programs & Handicap Program
We contribute money each year to youth shooting and wildlife programs. Programs listed below are available to the younger members of Pheasants for the Future, Inc.
Youth Outdoor Festival
Each fall, PFTF joins the ND Game and Fish, several local wildlife clubs, and other sponsors in the Game and Fish Pond area on the ND State Fairgrounds for the Annual Youth Outdoor Festival. Activities include waterfowl, upland game, fishing, archery, outdoor education, a BBQ and more.
Youth Trap Shoot Leagues
More info coming Soon
Camp Owettii - Girl Scouts
Pheasants for the Future contributes to campground improvements for the Girl Scouts of Northwest North Dakota.
Tri-County 4H Shooting Trailer (Ward, McHenry, Mountrail)
Our organization contributed to the purchase of a mobile shooting trailer to teach young shooters safely.
Young children of PFTF members are eligible to attend the Triangle Y camps through a sponsorship program funded by PFTF. If you have a young family member interested in attending the Triangle Y camp this summer, please email us at

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